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                COMPANY PROFILE


                Suzhou kunpeng biotechnology co., LTD., founded in February 2013, is a high-tech enterprise located in suzhou. The company takes "providing drugs, technologies and services for human disease control" as its mission and devotes itself to the r&d, production and sales of human drugs.In the field of diabetes treatment drugs, the company has established a product chain including recombinant human insulin, insulin glargine, insulin mendong, lilaru peptide and other drugs by using the unique platform of "protein fixed-point modification technology" and subversive process engineering technology development. At the same time, many new drugs such as new long-acting insulin and glp-1 analogues are also being actively promoted.The company has completed preliminary pre-clinical research in the field of osteoporosis Details>>


                Us r&d base

                It has established a joint research and development center in cooperation with Texas A&M and signed an agreement on personnel training and technical exchange


                Ningbo r&d base

                Ningbo research and development center jointly established with the Yangtze river delta research institute of tsinghua university.


                Suzhou r&d base

                Kunshan small nucleic acid base has built a biomedical entrepreneurship service platform, including analysis and testing platform, pilot plant platform, CRO professional service platform and medical database.


                PRODUCT CENTER


                NEWS CENTER

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